...Satisfying clients' and consumers' needs and wants...

Our Values

Οur values play central role to everything we do.

Namely, we value:

(1) Selling only 100% natural, safe, quality certified and awarded products to the consumers. We allow no preservatives, additives or GMO-related substances in our products.

(2) Satisfying clients' and consumers' needs and wants. We want our clients to enjoy the best possible service, while trading the best possible products and enjoying constant growth in value. We want our consumers to fulfil not just their core needs for our product, but a true culinary and cultural experience from the most modern invigorating and positively surprising manner.

(3) Taking good care of the environment and the community.

(4) Developing sustainable profitable business for our shareholders.

(5) Offering innovative products and promoting innovative ideas in food recipes, packaging and labelling.

(6) Promoting healthy eating and education of the consumers, especially through our business to consumer online platform "MyCreterra" and other close to the POS initiatives.