Our Corporate Identity Principles

Creterra's roots are in Crete, deeply vested in the land, in Crete's land, in its "terra". With a mission to bring you the best of its produce, but also the best of its lifestyle and culture. It all started with the olive and its precious juice, the olive oil. That inspired us to start with.

Also, the word Creterra from its ancient Greek and Latin root means the mixing bowl of wine and water to achieve the perfect balance of satisfaction and soberness. But the logo of Creterra is more than that, it can be seen as an egg, with its yolk inside, ready to give birth to a new idea, a new concept, a new project.

By others, it can be seen as a hungry, sharp eye, ready to record and give signal to seize opportunity. Last but not least, we want it simple, clear and concise.

We want it the Creterra way!