Helping the Environment...

We actively seek to apply a Paperless Desk Policy, by greatly reducing the use of paper in our processes. We have achieved that by converting the majority of our documents into digital form. Printing on paper should be an absolute necessity for us. By going paperless we have achieved a number of things:

(1) Saved money,

(2) Boosted productivity,

(3) Saved space,

(4) Made documentation and information sharing a lot easier,

(5) Kept personal information more secure, and above all,

(6) HELPED THE ENVIRONMENT. We actively try to promote the idea by adding the well-known reminder about printing to all our emails, but most importantly, try to extend the concept to communications outside the office. For example, cards are planned to be totally replaced by e-cards.


Corporate Environmental Responsibility (CER)

We promote Agro tourism as a sustainable means of tourist development that respects the environment and practically educates people about the flora and fauna of the Mediterranean. We trust in the importance of bringing urban citizens close to the rural production. This is how they will understand the olive oil culture and appreciate the true value of pure, premium quality extra virgin olive oil. During the harvest season (November-February) we can accommodate visitors from all over the world, who would be able to visit olive groves, pick olives together with the locals and walk alongside the hills and valleys of beautiful Crete. Tours can also be organized to olive mill, crushing, extraction and bottling unit, accommodation at truly reasonable cost can be provided at a seaside hotel south of Crete.

We actively apply waste management processes that encourage the use of the production by-products of olive oil to create bio-fuel for heating in the winter. Many tones of organic material are sold around Crete for this purpose.

Finally, top priority for us is the minimum usage of energy during the production process. Economy is the essence of ecology and we cooperate with the Technical University of Crete to constantly improve our production equipment towards this cause.