As part of our strategy to constantly utilise cutting edge technology on our products, we have decided to incorporate a QR code on the labels of all sizes of our Tin Can packaging. We want our products to 'communicate' to the consumer and offer a rich augmented product proposition. Keep in touch for more news regarding the use of QR codes at our customer service, in-store promotions, free downloads, etc.

Jumping Pourer cap

In a modern past-paced living environment, making the consumer's life easier is of outmost importance for all businesses. Despite the cost that it involves, we have decided to go-ahead with a step-by-step incorporation of the world patented Jumping Pourer cap. It is a sleek jack-in-the-box design that affords powerful brand distinction without compromising packaging familiarity. Some of its advantages:

(1) Improves brand image,

(2) Helps better controlling fluid flow and prevents from over-spilling or spilling oil all over,

(3) Prevents re-filling,

(4) Prevents having to wash after each use, ensuring hygiene and cleanliness,

(5) Prevents olive oil oxidization.