OLIVO,3 Gourmet Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our Special! It is our definition of Gourmet extra virgin olive oil.

The favourable climatic conditions of Crete, its rich in minerals soil in conjunction with the skilful farmers deliver an olive oil of excellent quality, acidity lower than 0.3% and unique organoleptic characteristics. Its rich flavour and fruitiness, while it combines harmoniously bitter and pungent, sustaining an antioxidant action for human body.

You may also find it in a modern tube outer packaging that protects olive oil from UV rays of the sun and sustains all its characteristics unaltered for a long time until its consumption. It stands out on the shelf and attracts the eye.

The tube makes it easily transportable and a gift of choice.

It is available only in one bottle size (500ml) and in limited quantities!



Extra virgin olive oil has not been chemically processed and does not contain any preservatives.
Extensive research has proven the cardio-protective and anti-cancer activity of olive oil.
Olive oil carries exactly the same caloric content as other types of oils.
Olive oil is the only oil that withstands more on heating and frying.
Olive oil helps to reduce the influence of alcohol.
Add olive oil at the end of the cooking process. This way it preserves its flavor and aroma better.
Olive oil can contribute effectively to combat hair loss and dandruff.
The method of olive oil storage constitutes an important factor in preserving its quality.
Olive oil is a natural solution to reduce the appearance of stretch marks during and after pregnancy.
Olive oil is the best dietary option for the diets of children, helping their proper growth.