The Mediterranean lifestyle is about taking the time to relax and enjoy the company of family, friends and generally people you care about.

Meal time is not just a matter of refuelling. It is rather a time when you can pause and enjoy the taste, flavours and aromas and share food with people. It is seen as a social activity and one of the most important aspects of the Mediterranean culture.

One of the reasons why Cretan people live so long can be attributed to this balanced life mentality. Furthermore, fixed meal times, which are another aspect of the Mediterranean people, tend to help the human body regulate food intake more effectively and as a result satisfy its energy requirements, while avoiding over-consumption of food.


Extra virgin olive oil has not been chemically processed and does not contain any preservatives.
Extensive research has proven the cardio-protective and anti-cancer activity of olive oil.
Olive oil carries exactly the same caloric content as other types of oils.
Olive oil is the only oil that withstands more on heating and frying.
Olive oil helps to reduce the influence of alcohol.
Add olive oil at the end of the cooking process. This way it preserves its flavor and aroma better.
Olive oil can contribute effectively to combat hair loss and dandruff.
The method of olive oil storage constitutes an important factor in preserving its quality.
Olive oil is a natural solution to reduce the appearance of stretch marks during and after pregnancy.
Olive oil is the best dietary option for the diets of children, helping their proper growth.