Why should I buy Creterra products?

There are a number of reasons why someone should choose to buy Creterra products.

First of all, we have the means to control and take all necessary measures to offer consistently high levels of quality and food safety through our products. This is why all facilities and processes are constantly monitored and certified according to the latest standards of quality management and assurance. We take great care to make sure that what goes inside our goods fulfils our promise to you for a premium product.

But it isn’t only the inside. We have hired the best professionals to design and deliver to you modern, refreshing, practical and innovative products that reflect our values. We trust you will find them interesting and attractive.

Moreover, we believe in the values of the Mediterranean food and drink culture. Our mission is to bring you the best of its products, but also the best of its lifestyle and culture as an experience. Stay tuned to MyCreterra and you will realise what we mean by that! 

Last but not least, we believe in sustainable development and take every possible measure to help local communities and the environment, along the lines of the concept of corporate social responsibility.

How can I use Creterra products and how can I incorporate them in my life?

You can easily make our products part of your daily life. Take a look at some of proposed uses:

ΗEALTHY COOKING: First of all, you can use olive oil for all your everyday cooking. We have taken the time to select some of the most delicious food recipes from Greece and from all over the Mediterranean to propose to you. Just click on the “Recipes” (LINK ΣΤΗ ΣΕΛΙΔΑ Recipes > Recipes from the island of Crete) section of our website.

Does the Mediterranean diet seem too exotic for you?

Would you rather seek recipes to suit your favourite foods or your personal dietary patterns?

No problem! There are customised recipes available to fit your taste. You may also look out for them in our “recipes” section.

HEALTHY SKIN: Olive oil has been used for centuries for personal care purposes. It is a great skin moisturizer, partly due to its high linoleic acid content. You can apply it directly as a moisturiser or add a bit of olive oil in a warm bath. Studies also show that it is good for your skin even by consuming it in your food. The antioxidants contained in olive oil have been found to neutralise free radicals that lead to skin aging and skin cancer.

Another daily practical use for men is the natural lubrication that it provides for a close shave. You can use it as a soothing aftershave.

Also, it can also be used by both men and women to sooth chapped lips.

Finally, ladies may use it during or after pregnancy as a natural solution to reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

HEALTHY HAIR: Olive oil is also helpful to treat tangled and damaged hair. Tangled hair may be tamed by combing using a little bit of olive oil to moisturise your locks. To provide relief for your damaged hair, just knead a couple of tablespoons of olive oil into your scalp and hair. Swathe your oil-up hair with a shower cap and wait for thirty minutes. Then continue by shampooing as usual.

HEALTHY PETS: Just add a little bit of olive oil in pets’ food to promote a shiny skin healthy coat, without hairballs. Your pets will love it!

EASE SNORING: Taking a sip of olive oil before going to bed can help lubricate your throat muscles, cutting down on snoring.

REMOVE MAKEUP: Dab a small amount to olive oil on a cotton ball or pad. Olive oil will remove makeup just as well as many commercial brands.

POLISH FURNITURE AND METAL ITEMS: Silverware, copper and other metal items can be polished using toothpaste. After you are done, rub a little olive oil to prevent streaks, corrosion and tarnish. You may also use two parts of olive oil and one part of lemon juice to polish your desk. Pour just a few drops on a soft cloth, wipe away the dust, scuffs and fingerprints, and make your desk shine.

FIX SQUEAKY DOORS: Olive oil is the most ecological lubricant for fixing squeaky doors, hinges, etc. It works just as well, avoiding using other hydrocarbon-based lubricants that harm the environment.

Which is the best way to store Creterra products?

Please store Creterra bottles away from light and heat. The worst possible places would be next to a stove, on top of a refrigerator or on a window sill. On the other hand, a dark cupboard or a cool basement would be ideal to store unopened bottles till the end of their ‘best before’ date. Once the packaging is opened, try to use as soon as possible, at best up to a couple of months later.

Don’t forget that we also sell in tin cans (look our for our OLIVO,5 canisters available from 500ml, 1lt, 3lt and 5lt), which do a great job protecting our products against the light. However, the general storage conditions mentioned above, are not different for this packaging medium. 

A good idea is the tube of OLIVO,3, which does the job of the tin can while you are not losing out on the elegance of the bottle. If you bought it as a treat for yourself or someone brought it to you as a gift, please consider keeping the tube till the end of the product’s use. It’s worth it!

From where can I buy Creterra products and where can I find them near my place?

Creterra products are available through selected retail networks that specialise in quality Mediterranean or  ethnic products, shops for organic/ecological/natural products and high quality suppliers of the food service/catering market. You can also find them in small, carefully selected chains of super market retailers.

Our network is constantly expanding and you will soon be able to find our products in a store near you. If interested, please contact us and we will inform you on our nearest partner. Please use the relevant contact form.

Which are the differences between OLIVO,5 and OLIVO,3 Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

They are both extra virgin olive oils of excellent quality. Look out for what is more appealing to your personal needs.


- Maximum acidity of 0.5%

- Premium quality olive oil satisfying large numbers of consumers

- Medium character, focus on bitter and pungent

- Modern design

- Minimalistic approach, simple, clear values and aesthetics. Making mainstream packaging look smart and special

- Favourite for a growing community of everyday users and local connoisseurs 


- Extra low acidity (Maximum 0.3%)

- Special selection of limited quantity, awardable level of quality olive oils

- Stronger character, focus on fruitiness, delicate organoleptic experience

- Modern design

- Gourmet packaging, suitable for special occasions, easily transportable and a gift of choice

- Especially attractive for small single, households and young cooks

- Gourmet quality for an artful and healthy cuisine

- Extra precious, Extra delicious, Extra virgin olive oil!

From which olive variety are OLIVO,5 and OLIVO,3 Extra Virgin Olive Oil being produced?
Both OLIVO,5 and OLIVO,3 Extra Virgin Olive Oil are being produced from the olive variety Koroneiki.
What does Koroneiki olive variety mean?

Koroneiki olive variety is one of the best olive oil producing olive varieties of Greece. The oil that comes from this olive carries intense aroma of the fresh fruit and rich and distinctive flavour. It is also rich in valuable ingredients that protect the heart and are good for us. Koroneiki is mainly cultivated in Crete and the region of Messinia.

Which region is the origin of Creterra olive oils?

We have selected a particular area from the island of Crete, close to the city of Heraklion, which year-on-year delivers consistently high quality olive oil in sufficient volumes to satisfy our clients. The favourable climatic conditions of Crete, its rich in minerals soil in conjunction with the supreme olive variety Koroneiki that the skilful farmers cultivate for centuries, deliver an olive oil of excellent quality and unique organoleptic characteristics.

What is the meaning of acidity? Is it a good or a bad thing?

Acidity corresponds to the concentration of free fatty acids in olive oil. It is a chemical parameter of the oil which is a very broad indicator of its quality, or at least how sound the olives were and how carefully the olives were processed. For extra virgin olive oils, it ranges from 0 to 0.8%, with the lower the percentage the better. Oils with high free fatty acidity also tend to go rancid more rapidly. However, regardless of the acidity of the oil, it can.t be tasted as the acids in olive oil are very weak acids.

I have questions and I would like to know more about Creterra products, Cretan and Mediterranean diet in general, as well as other topics. Who can I get in touch with?

We are here for you! Although all Creterra products’ stockists and retailers are olive oil and Mediterranean food connoisseurs and should be able to advise you appropriately, we are here to answer any question at all, so please feel free to send it to us using the contact form on this website. We will do our best to answer your question quickly and responsibly.

Extra virgin olive oil has not been chemically processed and does not contain any preservatives.
Extensive research has proven the cardio-protective and anti-cancer activity of olive oil.
Olive oil carries exactly the same caloric content as other types of oils.
Olive oil is the only oil that withstands more on heating and frying.
Olive oil helps to reduce the influence of alcohol.
Add olive oil at the end of the cooking process. This way it preserves its flavor and aroma better.
Olive oil can contribute effectively to combat hair loss and dandruff.
The method of olive oil storage constitutes an important factor in preserving its quality.
Olive oil is a natural solution to reduce the appearance of stretch marks during and after pregnancy.
Olive oil is the best dietary option for the diets of children, helping their proper growth.